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. . . developing and bringing talent to life

Why now
To promote learning and social inclusion for the Black Minority Ethnic students of particularly Black African and Caribbean descent in higher education here in the North West of England. Through impartial career information, advice, and continued development of their individual capabilities, competencies, skills and understanding, in programmes of educational value – thereby bringing increased equality to the talent development process and contribution to the UK economy. By raising their aspirations and providing information, advice and guidance; and building capacity through training activities.
Connect Talent wishes to help individuals gain the necessary skills and confidence to progress within the working environment and where necessary help them to get work placements or mentoring that will aid their advancement in the world of work. Helping an individual to achieve their career potential in leadership roles or giving them the confidence to start their own business if that is what they want.

It has never been more important than now to support the development and growth of professionals and students from Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) background. Notably, in recent years, there have been representation concerns for this group of people in the UK and other international communities.

One of the greatest challenges of this group is under-representation in the management and leadership roles in the international sector.

"The focus of the organisation is to promote inclusion and work readiness for BME individuals. Developing capacity through impartial career information, advice and continuing professional development alongside holistic support. The overall objective being to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to achieve their best and to make a meaningful contribution to the local community and economy.

Working with Good Things Foundation, Salford Digital You and Learn My Way 

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