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Our services

Providing access to ICT  for Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) groups.

Providing services for mental health in women and dyslexia across manchester and beyond.

Organising regular lectures, seminars and conferences giving participants the opportunity to meet key authorities from academics and industries, experts, prominent individuals and others with similar interests in order to make new contacts and build relationships with top personnel and businesses who are looking to meet new talent.


Facilitate training and CPD programmes with professional certificate and “badge” that could help organisations, and individual participants achieve their career goals.


Matching and sign-posting suitable mentees with mentors.


Organising brain-storming sessions where a research problem or a research report in the areas of management, leadership, governance and entrepreneurship can be debated by a group of highly qualified professionals, academia, and other interested people to make it possible to receive feedback, to learn new things, or directions, or find solutions.


Providing CV clinic, proof reading and editing services.

Publishing newsletters etc., to support the services provided by Connect Talent and any events which will benefit the BME student group. Including articles either commissioned by or submitted to us for publication, along with information on events organised by or with Connect Talent.

Organising social events such as group tours and familiarisation visits to key places designed to help participants improve their knowledge and gain first-hand experience of the UK’s education system, life and culture whilst making key business contacts.


Organising talent fairs and exhibitions for the BME students and an Awards’ night.


Supporting other charitable organisations.

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